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The challenge set by next generation mobile networks is daunting, and uncertainty prevails regarding consumer behaviour, mobile OS platforms killer apps and technology. M-Squad has been involved in the market since its launch, and has a thorough understanding of mobile consumers and businesses, as well as the challenges that operators face in delivering the right services rapidly. M-Squad helps operators and MVNOs address these challenges bringing together its broad experience of the mobile world from the perpectives of the operator, the content or application provider, and the end-user. M-Squad also acts as a fast conduit for application providers.

What M-Squad can do for you:

Consumer Services

  • Market analysis, business strategy, sales and marketing concepts, financial modelling, pricing
  • Consumer behaviour, usability and mobile devices (with partners)
  • Application/application portfolio evaluation
  • Application fitness check – predicting and solving problems during the design to launch process
  • Finding world-class applications/application broking
  • Winning Time to Market - Optimising processes and partner management to integrate content, application and technology providers

Business Solutions

  • Strategy and needs analysis of corporates for mobile business solutions (Worker type, Application type, Industry, LE vs. SME, …)
  • Sales and marketing strategy, partner selection, partner programmes to maximise the combined impact of the mobile operator sales force, system integrators, and other corporate influencers
  • Mobile operator salesforce training

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