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Members of M-Squad have been involved in a vast variety of telecoms and mobile projects, including:

  • Strategy: Strategy for in-vehicle information services/ telematics terminals
  • Strategy and Marketing: Visualisation of a mobile B2B solution, a life-style portal, and in-vehicle services accessible through multiple end-user devices


  • Strategy: Mobile payments strategy for a major bank: evaluation of different payment solutions

Business Solutions' Provider

  • Strategy: Partner concept for selling, marketing and delivery of services complementary to the client's core business

Media, Publishing Entertainment

  • Strategy: UK market entry strategy for a German software company targeting publishing houses
  • Technology: Billing and payments strategy and IT architecture for a video-on-demand start-up

Mobile Operators

  • Concepts: Mobile app development & concepts
  • Strategy: Mobile broadband strategies
  • Concepts: Mobile portal concepts
  • Strategy: Strategy for Mobile business solutions
  • Strategy and Marketing: Strategy for operator to enter the services market for mobile business solutions (consulting, training, system integration, ...)
  • Strategy and Controlling: Cross-functional approach to product business cases enabling easy assessment of assumptions and results by management
  • Strategy and Technology: High level IT architecture for mobile e-commerce
  • Technology: Overview of trends in IP-billing and call centre architecture
  • Technology: Comparison of IP-billing systems (Portal, Solect, ...)


  • Strategy: Implications of IP-based services for an IT services provider to the German cable TV networks
  • Strategy: Strategy and business cases for data services products (X.25, Frame Relay, ATM)

Travel and Tourism

  • Strategy and Marketing: Strategy for new mobile-enabled customer services for a European railway operator
  • Strategy and Marketing: Mobile travel portal strategy for a major German bank

Study: Winning in Mobile eMarkets

  • Strategy and Marketing: 430 page comprehensive review of opportunities for B2C mobile services in five industries: financial services, media publishing and entertainment, travel and tourism, retailing, automotive. Published in Feb 2000 for TIMElabs, a think tank in the TIME industries for Diebold Consulting

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